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System admin/technical support news... [Jul. 15th, 2011|04:05 pm]
Tier 12 Support


I've been working in IT for over 10 years, doing systems administration for the last 8 or so. I was just thinking that, while I read a lot of tech and gadget sites, I don't really know of many sites that specialize in news and info that is actually regularly relevant to my day to day work.

As keeping abreast of new technologies is pretty much as standard part of most IT positions, I was wondering if it might be helpful to start a list of good and useful tech news portals that present information that is actually really useful to the IT professional, and preferably is updated regularly.

For myself, I tend to mostly read:
  1. www.engadget.com
  2. www.wired.com
  3. www.theregister.co.uk
  4. Sometimes www.technet.com
  5. I also get newsletters from techrepublic and a couple of others, but find I rarely have time to read them.

So, what do would you consider your required reading to keep up to date, especially with server stuff?

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[User Picture]From: firon
2011-07-19 05:23 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean. I still like the site, but I have to admit there's WAY more cell phone news on there than there needs to be.

In fact, at first I thought that was the point of the "Mobile" page, but sadly it turns out it's nothing more than a filter, and they don't offer a "without mobile" type filter.

Still, I've read about too many interesting developments on Engadget that I haven't seen other places (at least not until some time later) for me to stop reading.
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