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Technical Support Banter

Banter in the Aisles of the Cube Farm

Tier 12 Support
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For Technical Support Reps to ask other knowledgable Tech Support Reps questions that are difficult ("It did what to the entire RAID array?!?! Cool!!"), or for advice. ("Has anyone used product X? How do they like/hate it?")

The OT stands for Off Topic, in case you were wondering. :)

This community grew as an offshoot of the techsupport community, (mostly from this post. This way, we can ask each other questions that might normally invoke the BOFH option or start flamewars. Membership is open to members of techsupport and must be approved by a community maintainer (generally we do this if you are subscribed to the parent community).

General advice (shouldn't need to be stated, but in case it does):
1) Check Google first. If somebody can Google the answer and post a link to the Google search, some gentle mocking may be in order.
2) Give all the details you can. Put lengthy logs/screenshots/etc. behind a cut for the sake of people's friends pages.
3) Don't be a dick. Unless somebody broke rule #1 or is being an asshat, keep the flaming to a minimum.

Otherwise, the same rules apply here. Enjoy!